At Dose Wellness, we are trained to help you bring balance back into your life. Whether you are a busy mom or you have a demanding job, finding time for your health can be difficult to fit in. We view health as a lifestyle, and treat the emotional and spiritual components of a disease, not just the physical.

Treatments commonly include:
The use of whole foods and, when needed, supplementation allows the body to regain a healthful balance. Food is the best medicine.
Botanical Care
Botanical medicines include essential oils, herbal supplements, tea, and more.
Homeopathic Care
Based upon the principle of “like cures like”, homeopathic medicine works gently to strengthen the body’s healing and immune response and provide lasting cure.
Physical Care
We put together a plan to get your body moving. We specialize in a healing specific workout regimen called T-TAP.
Prescriptive Medication
While we don’t encourage the use of prescription medicines, we can work with your primary care physician to come up with a plan to incorporate both conventional and alternative treatments.
Psychological Medicine
Emotional and spiritual states influence the physical state. Christian counseling and ministry services for stress management are utilized when indicated to assist the healing process.

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(Nothing said, done, performed, typed, printed, or produced by anyone associated with Dose Wellness is intended or meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat a disease, or to take the place of a licensed physician. Nor do we make any claims that suggestions given will cure or prevent any condition. Furthermore, we do not claim that any supplemental materials suggested or given will cure any condition.)