The Ultimate Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The Ultimate Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2018

I thought it would be fun to do a Healthy Holiday Gift Guide!  I think as the trends of health and wellness continue, people get overwhelmed when trying to make simple changes like their makeup or household products and end up doing nothing. Christmas is a great time to start making those changes! My hope is that this guide will make at least some of those changes easier for you. Or maybe you already are into a healthy lifestyle but love learning about new products; either way I pray you are blessed by this guide and are able to use it all year long, not only for yourself but also for those you are purchasing gifts for!

I have broken my Healthy Holiday Gift Guide down into 3 areas:
1. Beauty and Fashion
2. Food and Supplements
3. Random Pretties!

Beauty and Fashion

1. Hynt Concealer
This concealer is full coverage and is literally the cleanest and BEST concealer I have ever tried! It’s average priced but I bought it in January of this year and am JUST NOW running out. And I use it every single day. Even when I don’t wear foundation I will dab some concealer on any areas that need some coverage and it blends so beautifully. I bought these brushes to put it on with but sometimes I even just use my fingers.

2. Plaine Citrus Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner
It is SO hard to find quality clean shampoo and conditioner. My sweet mom sends me an Organic Bunny Box every month (it is an organic subscription beauty box) and this past month it had a travel size of these shampoo and conditioners in it. I was hesitant to use it but I was pleasantly surprised with how well it got my hair clean not to mention the smell! This would make a great stocking stuffer for your daughter or sister or friend, since the bottles are small and for only $10 it includes BOTH the shampoo and conditioner. Plus if you are like me and you like to try a small bottle of something before committing to the large size, this is a perfect deal for you!

3. 3-Piece Set Dry Brush
You guys know I am ALL about efficient ways to support your bodies natural detoxification pathways. Dry brushing is PROVEN to have many benefits supporting your bodies own ability to get rid of dead skin cells all while moving your blood and lymph system. It is especially important to do in the winter but really all year long is best. I do it before I get dressed in the morning. You can also do it before you shower, but be sure and do it DRY; hence the name dry brushing. 😉 I recommend this for all of my clients and even kiddos. You want to dry brush towards the heart all over the body pushing fairly hard down with gentle strokes. Using the face brush, you can also do your face first thing every morning.

4. Face Ice Roller
Oh boy! This is one of my favorite beauty products of all time! You keep this $10 little ice roller in your freezer. Right when you wake up and after you dry brush your face and are enjoying your warm lemon water (which yes you should be doing and here is why) use this little gadget all over your face! It is a facial massage helping to tighten and tone your skin while boosting collagen production along with getting the lymph draining and moving in your face. The coldness helps to reduce puffiness and shrinks your pores! Plus, it just feels so darn good! Great stocking stuffer and you can get it in a ton of different colors-just be sure and get the stainless steel one, not the plastic one!

5. 3-Pack Organic Socks
So I know socks are super random but here is why I included them. First of all, a great socking stuffer, especially in that cute blush pink color. But secondly, did you know that you will sleep better if you wear socks at night? It’s true and scientifically proven. It helps to regulate your body temperature; sometimes I will end up kicking my off in the middle of the night but at least start out wearing them. I love that these are made from organic cotton as cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the USA. Choosing the organic option will allow your feet to stay clean and fresh while keeping your body temp stable.

6. 2-Pack Organic Underwear
A little personal? Nah, everyone wears them (or maybe not?!) but having heavily toxic underwear next to the precious places isn’t good for you! I love these organic cotton thongs; they also make them in full coverage cut and bikini cut too. These are tag-less and have a seamless design which makes them no show which I love. I think these would be great to tell your hubby to get for you! I’m sure he would love too! Just send him over the link! 😉

7. Pacifica Perfume
Smelling good is important but not at the expense of toxic chemicals that you are breathing in all day long. I love this Pacifica Perfume! It doesn’t last long but it smells great and at just $20 for the bottle I think it is a great deal. It uses essential oils to make the sweet fragrance and they offer all different smells. If you are looking for a more upscale, expensive but clean perfume, I got this one for my mom last year and it was also wonderful.

8. Au Naturale Lip Gloss
So this is a lipgloss with the way it goes on but it stays on long like a lipstick. It is SOOO good. I found this product 3 years ago and have used it faithfully since. I get compliments all the time on how beautiful and vibrant the colors are which I think is hard to find for an organic lip color. At under $20, this is reasonably priced and there are so many colors to choose from! On average, a lady consumes 9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime so don’t you want it to at least be healthy?! I know I do!

9. Radiant Beauty Moisturizer
This product I actually haven’t tried myself. But it comes highly recommended from some top functional medical doctors who are in to natural beauty and health. The ingredient list is top notch using 100% organic ingredients and was formulated by a physician. The reviews speak for themselves, and although on the pricier side, a little goes a long way, way long way. So use a dab! It’s on my Christmas list this year, Santa!

10. Primal Pit Paste
My favorite natural deodorant ever! Smells great, doesn’t break you out, leaves no residue and WORKS. Remember though, the healthier you are, the less you’ll need deodorant. Save it for those really hot or sweaty days! At just $15 this would be another great stocking stuffer!

Food and Supplements

1. Magnesium Bath Flakes
You guys know my love for magnesium and these bath flakes are THE BEST way to relax and have a mamas night in! We are all deficient in magnesium and the best way to get it is using these bath flakes and also using topical magnesium spray like this one. You need 500 mg in magnesium per day, so load up and enjoy those baths!

2. Elderberry
I know giving or even receiving a “supplement” may be weird for some but how cute would making a Mama’s Winter Survival basket be? You could put in those organic socks I listed above, the magnesium bath flakes, some chocolate which I will also share below, and elderberry syrup! So why Elderberry? It is a strong immune booster and natural viral killer. It has antimicrobial properties too and people who consumed elderberry instead of the harsh prescription Tamiflu when faced with the flu showed GREATER healing than those who took the Tamiflu. It’s true you guys; nature rules. I love this one because it is safe for adults and children! 2 for 1 ya’ll!

3. Collagen Peptides
Here me out: on the same lines of the Mama’s Winter Survival basket above you could make a Pampering Skincare Basket! Put in some of these amazing collagen peptides, the silk pillowcase listed below, the moisturizer I shared above, and the face ice roller and what a fun basket you have! I love giving baskets full of fun things for presents as you can really be creative with how you package them and what you put in there. Plus, the practical Kasey likes that you can include practical items along with fun ones, just because… and bonus: you can use the basket for something useful! Collagen is shown to boost collagen production in the skin and decrease wrinkles and plump that skin up making it glowing and youthful! “Back when” our ancestors used to consume more naturally occurring collagen in things like bones and marrow of animals; one reason why bone broth has become so popular…actually, it always has been and for a good reason! Collagen is the best thing you can take for your skin!

4. Justin’s Peanut Butter Cup
Who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter? Justin’s PB Cups are an organic alternative to those nasty (okay good but gross ingredients) Reeces. These are made with all organic ingredients and the dark chocolate doesn’t have dairy which is my favorite anyways! One year, Axel got me like 10 of these and put them in my stocking and I was like ALL THE PRAISE HANDS! I hid them from my kids and made them last for a few months and savored every last bite! These make great stocking stuffers and you can rest knowing you are filling your kiddos (or your) belly with good-for-you ingredients.

5. Plentils
While not a HEALTH food per say, these are a HEALTHIER alternative to those deep fried potato chips. These have the crunch factor on point and the flavors are so yummy all while being allergen free like free from gluten and dairy. I love getting this variety pack off of Amazon and then stuffing them in the stocking too! Think outside of the standard candy canes and yucky chocolate. I am ALL about practicality and efficiency and I love, I mean Santa loves, filling out stocking with things we love and need. And snacks like these definitely are things we both love AND need. That Dill and Sour Cream Flavor tho!

6. Homemade Protein Powder
YOU NEED THIS PROTEIN POWDER IN YOUR LIFE AND SO DO YOUR FRIENDS. Make up a batch of my homemade protein powder and put that baby in a beautiful jar with a ribbon and you’ve got a great gift for those gift exchanges. Print out the recipe on a pretty card stock and attach to the ribbon. So fun! The link will take you to the recipe and all of the products to make it are linked there!

7. Plant Therapy Essential Oils
You knew essential oils would make the list I’m sure but this brand is just my absolute favorite. Their quality is unmatched, their purity is amazing and the way they design them with kids in mind is so comforting. I like that they sell them in these gift boxes and they are super affordable too while not compromising quality. Which leads me to….

8. Gold Essential Oils Diffuser 
A diffuser for those essential oils.  So I know this isn’t food or supplements but essential oils are basically supplements and I wanted this to go with it.  I make my own rules up anyways. This is actually on my own Christmas list this year. Santa, are you listening?! I LOVE when an diffuser looks like decor where you can sit it on your counter or shelf and it doesn’t look silly. This one has a light and remote control which I also love. If you search through, you can also find this in a brushed bronze if that is more your style.

9. Butcher Box
Butcher Box is a meat subscription service (although you can cancel, add, or change it at any time) that sources quality, organic, small-farmed, grass-fed, etc meat! They have all different types and it comes shipped 1-2 days after purchased straight to your front door! It comes in an insulated cardboard box that has dry ice it and all of your meat is frozen so it stays fresh and safe for consumption even through the heat or any weather! I love all that this company stands for and depending on which package you get you are paying less than $5 a pound for meat and anyone who buys organically source meat knows what a savings that is! We have tried everything they have to offer except their seasonal whole turkey and it all has been fantastic! They offer different size boxes as well as monthly or bi-monthly service. But again, cancel at anytime! If you use my link above you get free bacon and $20 off your first box! What a steal!

10. Spry Gum
If you are a gum chewer, this gum is the best and healthiest out there! It uses xylitol which has been proven to prevent cavities just as good as “fluoride” claims too! Although much safer, ammmmiright?! It comes in a few different flavors although I’m partial to the spearmint myself. My boys love the fruit flavor! It also comes in pocket size, purse size, and a large size to refill with. A must for under the tree or in the stocking!

Random Pretties!

1, Silk Pillowcase
This is on my lissssst this year! The blush one please. Silk pillowcases are so great for your skin! It provides natural body heat regulation (anyone say good-bye hot flashes!) and it also results in less wrinkles on your face because of how soft and smooth the fabric is. It can help in decreasing acne and help in smoother, softer skin. I’m excited to try this one and for under $25! Yes! Easy and simple changes throughout your day and night add up to BIG results.

2. Acrylic Recipe Holder
This is also on my persona list. I don’t use cookbooks often but when I do I’ve never been able to have a good system. I love that this is acrylic which will fit in with any style but I also love how the holder is essentially a shield so you don’t get the pages dirty with those working-in-the-kitchen hands. Under $15 and makes a stylish statement.

3. Air Fryer
I got an air fryer last year and it has been valuable and FUN. It is a quick way to make different recipes like french fries without loading them with oil (not that all oils is bad for you, read about the good kinds here) and making them quickly-like under 8 minutes! There are so many ways this is a valuable tool to have in your kitchen and I definitely recommend it!

4. Vitamix
If you have never had a smoothie from a Vitamix you are missing out! It is so powerful it can make flour, nut butters, and even grind up an IPHONE! SAY WHAT?! But really, it can make your smoothies so smooth and tasty. It is definitely an investment kitchen piece, but if you want to make smoothies on the regular, I highly suggest getting one. BUT the cool thing is, Vitamix actually sells refurbished ones on Amazon like the one I linked here and it comes with the same lifetime warranty as the non-refurbished ones. So why wouldn’t you save yourself a few hundred dollars and get a refurbished one?

5. Berky
I have yet to get one for my family, but it is on my wish list this year! A Berky is a powerful water filtration system that removes 100% of the pathogens in the water, fluoride, arsenic, chromium, uranium, and other toxins that are found in our modern water supply. I love that this filtration system doesn’t use electricity so if the power does go out, it just uses gravity to filter and we can still have clean water. The Big Berky is what I linked and it is suitable for a family of 4! You don’t have to change the filter but every 5-7 years! WOAH!

6. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher
If you aren’t down with getting a $300 water filtration system just yet, this is the next best thing! We have been using this pitcher filtration system for 4 years now. We have to change the filters every 6 months or so, so this definitely isn’t a permanent option as we drink a ton of water and one filter runs $50. The pitcher is only $70 and does come with one filter and it is excellent at filtering out the above mentioned yuckiness. While it’s not a total great deal in the long-term, for short-term use it really is a great option. And since our bodies need water for every single bodily and cellular function, I’d say getting clean water is very important. I like that this fits right in my fridge or on the counter and it’s an all-in-one system too!

7. Acupuncture Mat
This is a gem! Such an easy and efficient way to help those detoxification pathways. This mat is so easy to use and the “needles” are just little plastic pieces on the mat that do not hurt. Even my kiddos love using it! You can put this in your car and sit on it while you drive. I love the neck pillow part and actually love using it on my feet while I’m sitting watching TV. You have pressure points in your feet that help to relieve muscle tension and headaches. The mat also helps to get blood flowing to your body and move lymph as well. Try and use it for 15-20 minutes per day.

8. Heating Pad
You could say I’m the queen of heating pads. I have around 8 of them and use them almost every day. Being in a cold room with a warm heating pad at my feet or on my neck when I have some neck tension is about the best thing there is. But you guys, I found the RANGE ROVER of heating pads and this one is absolutely on my Christmas wish list this year! Bonus: it comes with a eye pillow too! Axel said when I showed him this that it looks so cozy and i’m so extra and high maintenance that he assumes i’ll be wearing this out in public under my clothes…he may not be wrong. Under $40 too!

9. Shoe Cabinet 
A shoe cabinet may seem random but I am a huge proponent of NO SHOES IN THE HOUSE. Think about everywhere you have been wearing those shoes. And then you come into your home where your kids play on the floor and they are now rolling around essentially at all of those places your shoes have been….shutter. So gross! I got this exact cabinet (which looks black in person) to put all of our shoes in as soon as they come into the house from the garage. It’s automatic. And the size of the shelves (which are moveable) fit the shoes exactly! I have over 40 pairs of shoes in this one cabinet all nicely placed and all hidden behind the doors. I’m convinced, along with our healthy diet and lifestyle of course, that not wearing shoes in the house is a huge reason that we aren’t sick. Our family of 4 have not had any sickness longer than a day or two in almost 8 years! And on top of that, my boys have never had strep, sinus infections, pneumonia, or the flu! It’s amazing actually. So yes, a shoe cabinet actually fits perfectly in this guide! This one is only $100 and although it takes awhile to put together, is very solid and worth every penny!

10. My Pillow
To go with your silk pillowcase, you have to put it on your My Pillow! I was skeptical at first, thinking what a gimmick. But after my arms and hands kept falling asleep at night and I would wake up screaming waking up my poor husband thinking they had been cut off, I decided to give it a try. And it’s most definitely not a gimmick. I’m usually a 2 fluffy pillow sleeper but one of these does the trick. Totally worth the money! And we all know better sleep leads to a healthier life!

That’s it folks! 30 items that I have either personally used or have on my Christmas wish list this year! I have done all of the research so you don’t have too-trust me. Kasey approved! Have fun shopping!


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