The Most Beautiful Salad

So I recently had a patient that needed a game plan on how to shrink her aggressive tumor. Now, it was benign but because of the way it grows and how aggressive it is, most often doctors will treat this particular tumor as a sarcoma. They typically recommend chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation if not a combination of them all. The majority of people with this kind of tumor will have one and sometimes multiple ones for the rest of their life. They are very, very uncommon and only effect 900 people in the USA each year. And the CDC casually says, while the above can be done to help it, there really is no hope it curing it.

Um, that sounds horrible and grim and absolutely NOT how God made our bodies to heal. I am so thankful this patient came to me instead of following the conventional route because guess what? Within just 8 days we have already seen a reduction in the size (which was visibly growing out of her body) and the patient feels AMAZING! Along with diet and supplements, praying and having faith is very important. I wrote a little about how God designed our bodies to heal here…I still need to finish the series.

Apart of the diet this patient was on was this amazing, beautiful, gigantic salad that she is required to eat every day. I got the recipe from Chris Beats Cancer and it is DELICIOUS! I have been making it myself to eat for lunch and sometimes even a small one before dinner. I make it on Monday and it lasts me most of the week.

The Most Beautiful Salad
(Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan)

-Start with the most nutrient dense dark leafy greens: Kale and Spinach. (Do not exceed 10 cups per day)
-Broccoli (The best source of sulforaphane which promotes liver detoxification, and Indole-3-carbinol, an anticarcinogenic compound )
-Broccoli Sprouts (Concentrated sulforaphane & I3C. Do not exceed four cups of sprouts per day)
-Purple cabbage (cheapest source of antioxidants per ounce in the world!)
-Slice of red onion, (yellow or green onions may actually be better)
-Red, Yellow, or Green Peppers
-Mushrooms Bella, Cremini, Shiitake, etc.
-1/2 an Avocado
-Raw Sunflower seeds (sprouted is better)
-Raw Almonds (sprouted is better)
-Sprouted Garbanzo Beans
-Sprouted Mung Beans
-Sprouted Red or Green Lentils
-Some kind of fermented veggie like SAUERKRAUT or kimchi
Repeat: Absolutely no cheese, meat, fruit, or store-bought salad dressing.
I know it seems weird to exclude fruit.  Here’s why: Fruits and vegetables need different digestive juices, and when eaten together can create excess acid and indigestion. That is why it’s a good idea to eat them separately, especially if you are sick.  This even includes non-sweet fruits like tomatoes and cucumbers.
Top with a simple dressing like olive oil, flax oil, and apple cider vinegar and your favorite spices like oregano, cayenne, garlic powder, and curry powder

The benefits of this salad are too numerous to list. It is literally raw, pure, God-made foods that every single cell in your body will love. It is LIFE-GIVING! Is what you are fueling your body with life-giving or filling the cells with death? YOU CHOOSE!