Rose Water DIY

Do you have roses in your yard? If they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals and they have been grown in good dirt, you have a GOLD MINE of beauty care right outside your door. Rose water is a skin and hair product that has been used for centuries to fight blemishes, even skin tone. diminish wrinkles, and more. It really is an all purpose cleaner, toner, and moisturizer for your face.

If you are looking to buy it, it can be really expensive for the organic kind. But it literally cost pennies to make and minimal time! So go out to your rose bush and let’s make some together….

Once you’ve cut about a dozen roses from your bush, gently pull the petals off of the stems and place in a small strainer. You are then going to quickly¬†rinse them in cool purified water. This will remove any bugs or outside debris that have taken up residence on their precious petals.

After they have been rinsed and drained you are going to place them in a pot on the stove with just enough purified water to cover them. About 2 inches deep or so depending on the sizes of your rose petals.

You are going to bring the water JUST to a boil and then turn off the water and let steep in the hot water on the stove until the petals have lost their color.

Once the rose petals have lost their color and the water has cooled, you want now strain out the rose water into a large bowl.  To the water, you want to add 1 oz of vodka. This is a natural way to preserve your rose water for months. Otherwise, it goes bad within just a few days.

At this point I took a funnel and gently poured my water into a large, tightly sealed container. I then poured, from the container, the rose water into a spritzer bottle. And you’re literally all done! It’s so easy and so refreshing. I love to spray on my neck as a “perfume” or use on my skin after I’ve showered. I also have been regularly using it on my face after I wash it and use my toner and before I put on my moisturizer.

THANK YOU to all the mamas out there supporting our blog and cheering us on. You are amazing!! <3