We always recommend to choose local food as much as possible, organic and non-gmo, and eating according to each season.

By choosing locally grown food: you are not only supporting the local economy, you are reducing waste by the food not having to travel far to get to your home.  Another important reason to choose local is so you are getting the greatest sources of nutrients that are in season where you live.

By choosing organic and non-gmo: you are choosing to provide your body with the highest quality of nutrients available. Study after study has proven that by choosing to consume organic food you are reducing your exposure to chemicals and pesticides, as well as, providing your body with more bioavailable nutrients which nourish each cell you have. By choosing non-gmo you are making sure that you are not consuming DNA altering food; which is always the best choice!

By choosing to eat according to each season: you are making sure that your body is able to enjoy the freshest foods, on top of, nourishing your body and keeping it in alignment with what is going on around you. Here is some helpful tips:

  • In spring, focus on tender, leafy vegetables that represent the fresh new growth of this season. The greening that occurs in springtime should be represented by greens on your plate, including Swiss chardspinachRomaine lettuce, fresh parsley, and basil.
  • In summer, stick with light, cooling foods in the tradition of traditional Chinese medicine. These foods include fruits like strawberriesapplepear, and plum; vegetables like summer squashbroccolicauliflower, and corn; and spices and seasonings like peppermint and cilantro.
  • In fall, turn toward the more warming, autumn harvest foods, including carrotsweet potatoonions, and garlic. Also emphasize the more warming spices and seasonings including gingerpeppercorns, and mustard seeds.
  • In winter, turn even more exclusively toward warming foods. Remember the principle that foods taking longer to grow are generally more warming than foods that grow quickly. All of the animal foods fall into the warming category including fishchickenbeef, and lamb. So do most of the root vegetables, including carrotpotatoonions and garlicEggs also fit in here, as do corn and nuts.
 (Nothing said, done, performed, typed, printed, or produced by anyone associated with Dose Wellness is intended or meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat a disease, or to take the place of a licensed physician. Nor do we make any claims that suggestions given will cure or prevent any condition. Furthermore, we do not claim that any supplemental materials suggested or given will cure any condition.)