Loaded Vegetable Toast

A super simple, but totally tasty way to get a good dose of vegetables into your diet is with “toasts”.  The options are endless but the gist of it is a piece of gluten free toast with your favorite, fresh, raw toppings. Be creative! When looking for a gluten free bread, look for non-gmo and make sure your bread contains multiple types of nutritious flours.

Look for vegetables that are local and in season to top your toasts with.  We love adding our homemade hummus to ours for a healthy dose of fats and protein.

Plus we love toasts because look at how beautiful it is. Thats reason enough.

Loaded Vegetable Toast
(Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan)

1 slice of gluten free bread
Slices red and yellow peppers
Radish slices
Cherry tomatoes
Shredded carrots
Toast your bread. And top with ingredients. Eat.
Wait, was this even a recipe? Either way, I hope it inspired you to top your toast with the prettiest, freshest, and yummiest vegetables!