Kasey’s Top 10 Favorite Food Items for Summer

Who doesn’t love a good top 10 list?!

I don’t want to be wordy because these products mostly speak for themselves. But these 10 items are on my go to summer grocery list and they are bomb. 

 1. Hilary’s Veggie Burgers

These are AMAZING! Of course, you can make these, but when you are a pinch and just need some quick, on the go “fast food” and don’t have time to make your own, keeping these in the freezer will save you from grabbing junk. These provide a good dose of protein with the grains they combine along with a lot of veggies. They are 100% USDA organic and only use coconut oil instead of rancid processed oils. They are around $1.50 per patty! I mean, that’s practically McDonalds prices! I love adding some tomato and avocado on the top with some sprouts or in between some romaine. So filling!

2. Nutritional Yeast

Did you know most nutritional yeast has synthetic vitamins in it? So our bodies don’t process it well, unfortunately. This brand is a non-fortified kind and is totally worth the price for this large bag. You can use it recipes like our Faux Real Cheese Dip or our Roasted Garlic “Cheese” Sauce.

3. Kale Chips

Summer is all about easy, if you haven’t noticed. I love making all kinds of veggie chips but when you’re on the go, these are great to have in the pantry. They are organic, gluten free, and dairy free and are a great way to eat your veggies. No, they don’t taste like ranch, but the flavor is really good and that crunch is super satisfying.


4. Plentils

These are a new find for me. Now here me out, YES they are processed and NO they aren’t the most nutrient dense food on the planet, but when you need or want a crunch or need something to scoop up some of our Healthiest Artichoke Dip, these fit the bill. They are free of all the common allergens and are non gmo. Pretty darn clean for a “chip”. Plus they have some yummy flavors to try.

5. Red Lentil Pasta

Talk about nutrient dense! This pasts is gluten free and loaded with protein! The ONLY ingredient it red lentils! Talk about awesome. It’s non gmo and couldn’t be any cleaner. Use this instead of yucky wheat or white pasta loaded with gluten and makes you bloated. This is also great to use for a quick lunch, just toss with some olive oil, lemon, garlic, spinach and red pepper flakes and you have a complete lunch done in under 15 min!

6. Purely Elizabeth

The best granola ever. That’s all you need to know. Love to just eat it straight from the bag for a treat after dinner.

7. Simple Mills

Anything Simple Mills makes is highly nutrient dense. Their ingredient list is just like you would make it at home from scratch. They use coconut sugar instead of processed sugar. They use almond flour to make it gluten free and it’s always free of dairy too. Anything they make, including their delicious crackers, is well worth the try! I love to make these muffins on the weekends for a special Saturday or Sunday breakfast. BONUS: puree some spinach to bake it, no one will know.

8. Garden of Life Probiotics

Technically not a food, but a good probiotic first thing in the morning is a MUST for every one. They help balance your gut flora which is actually the root of all disease. These have a bonus ingredients with what is called, adaptogens, which help your body process stress. I find rotating probiotics the best to give your body and belly different strains and keep the bacteria happy. But I really love this brand and particularly this one for the stress reducing properties it has.

9. Harmless Coconut Water

A total summer staple. This is like an organic form of Gatorade only not. It has no sugar or anything in it but coconut water. It has electrolytes so it’s great for those hot summer days, after working out, or just when you need a refreshing drink. Coconut water has so many benefits and this is one you definitely want to try.

10. Milkadamia

So yeah, making your own nut milk is healthier and cheaper, but I have so many things I make from scratch that sometimes I just don’t have time to invest. We have to choose our priorities, amiright? So when I buy nut milk, one of my favorite brands is this Milkadamia. I try and rotate my milks and not just drink one type of dairy free milk, because our body thrives on food rotation. Otherwise, we can develop some weird sensitivities and intolerances. So I have come to love this macadamia milk! It is so creamy and with a nutty taste similar to almond but I love it even more! Try it!

So there you go! Hopefully these give you some great ideas to think outside the box for some easy, delicious summer items to add to your next grocery list!