How Does Blue Light Effect You?

BLUE LIGHT.  Ya’ll know what that is? It’s the light that is omitted from your computer, smart phone, TV, iPad, etc. This light is artificial and it can really mess with your natural circadian rhythm: which means the natural flow your body gets into and it’s cycling of hormones that control bodily functions like hunger, sleep, growth, and more.

As you can imagine, anything that disrupts our natural circadian rhythm effects all of those precious bodily functions and can really mess with your health. It may not be something you notice right away, but over time it can have an accumulative effect on how much sleep you’re getting, your hunger cues, your healing and restoration, your adrenal function, and more.

So having any of those electronics functioning after sunset, really isn’t ideal. Thankfully, as the “spring forward” happened, our sunsets are later! Yay more sunlight! But the reality is that we still want to lessen our exposure to blue light as much as we can when the sun goes down.

The iPhone has an awesome feature that actually turns OFF the blue light at sunset and turns it on again at sunrise. Instead of omitting the blue light, it omits an orange light which is much healthier for our eyes, circadian rhythm and natural flow of our body which helps us sleep better. To find out how to turn on this feature on your iPhone, click here. For those who don’t have an iPhone or just want extra protection while watching TV, there are also these blue light filter glasses on Amazon, although not stylish by any means, extremely helpful!

If you can make lessening your exposure apart of your nighttime routine the majority of the evenings, then you are helping yourself get a better nights sleep, helping your adrenals and overall body rest and restore more efficiently, and you are helping many bodily functions function correctly which leads to overall health and wellbeing!

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