Holiday Makeup: Using Only All Natural Products

Okay hear me out: I DO NOT claim to be a beauty blogger. Not even close! I’m just a 31 year-old mom of 2 boys, Naturopathic Consultant, and passionate about using products that are as close to nature and natural as possible. So in my attempt to show those products to you, I took a few photos so you could see that it is possible to create a beautiful, holiday inspired look using natural products!

There is no filter on this picture, so you can see how the makeup lays, the vibrancy of the colors and my imperfections, ha! I was going for a bold, holiday look with a few subtle sparkles.

I am going to show you pictures step-by-step with the exact products I use but all of them but ONE is from Physicians Formula. It is my favorite, inexpensive brand of natural makeup and I love that you can find it anywhere!

First I started with my Nude Wear Foundation as the base on my skin, and then Concealer, and lastly the Mineral Wear Powder.

Next up I use the Airbrushing Bronzer on my cheekbones where you’d do a contour and then I put just a touch of the Blushing Berry Blush on my cheeks.

For my eyelids and eyebrows I use these new products that are so festive! I used the Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Pencil in black and gold around my eyes just under the waterline. On my lids I used Shimmer Strips Extreme Shimmer Gel in Silver. I the darkest in my crease, the medium one on the outside corners, and the lightest on the inside corners of my lids and also in the very corner on the outside. For my eyebrows I use this 4 in 1 Brown Brow Boosting Kit just filling them in and shaping them to be bold and full.

BEST THING EVER is the mascara- let me tell you!!! This mascara is ALL THE GOOOOOODNESS. You don’t need lash extensions or fake lashes when you use this. Also side note here, if you are using products that claim to make your lashes grow: BEWARE! Stay far away (unless it is castor oil, and then you are okay). Here’s a little tidbit for you: products like Rodan and Fields lash growth and others that are similar actually use a product/chemical that causes inflammation of the eyelid and glands under the skin. These glands are responsible for certain secretions which help our eyes stay moist, clean, and is a natural anti-inflammatory. When the chemical in these lash boosting products is continually put on those glands and skin, it can cause permanent and non-reversable reactions like dry eyes, decrease in collagen (hello all these ladies in 20 years with droopy eye-lids!), and more.  Listen, if your nutrition internally is good, you’ll have long, thick beautiful lashes. There is ZERO need to use harsh chemicals that do damage to your eyes and eyelids. ZERO. So i’ll stick to my healthy foods, castor oil on my eyelashes and some good organic mascara, thank you.

Back to the mascara. This product is GREAT! You use the Lash-Boosting Mascara on the top lid and then immediately while it’s wet you use the “extension” mascara that comes with it. It creates beautiful, natural lashes. I use this mascara on the bottom lashes.

Lastly, to finish off the look I used this Au Natural Lipgloss in Red Cross Red. It is the perfect shade of red and can be layered for the amount of boldness you like. I love that it has a tiny bit of shimmer in it too without being obnoxious.

There ya have it. I have been using Physicians Formula products for over 3 years now and really love them all. I haven’t found a bad product of theres yet!

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So get ya some, wrap it up and put it under the tree for yourself…at least, that’s what I did! 🙂