Healing Spiritually and Physically: Part One

This post is for everyone, but I won’t be offended if you don’t read it just because of the title. I know spirituality isn’t a common blog post these days, especially coming from a health website, but I don’t know why. To be honest, healing is a multi-faceted existence. For those that do not have a relationship with Jesus, what I’m talking about may seem foreign, but regardless, I hope it sheds some light on healing and wholeness.

To understand how to heal in all aspects of our life we need to understand this basic principle:

We are a spirit
With a soul
In a body

(1st Thessalonians 5:23)

We are three things. Our spirit makes up our new creation. When we choose to follow Jesus our spirit is sealed; it is HIS spirit. It is as perfect as it will ever be. It’s healed and whole. In the spirit, you became a brand-new species of being. It’s flawless.

Our soul is our mind, will and emotions; some call this our personality. It is what we feel when we feel sad or angry. The Bible says we can take every thought captive, and science confirms this that when we focus on GOOD things, we literally change our very DNA. So the spirit world and science match up; surprise surprise!

And the body is the carnal mind. It is your physical being. When you get sick, it is typically your body that feels the pain or disease.

Both the soul and the body function as programmed (with sin, sickness, brokenness, etc) until we reprogram it. How do we do that? In Romans 12:2 it says by the renewing of our minds: that is reading His word, worshipping and praising Him for what He’s already done, and being a continual relationship with Him. ¬†What has He done? God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for us so we wouldn’t have to live in bondage to the law anymore. When Jesus died He came to fulfill the law; it is FINISHED. We no longer have to sacrifice animals or burnt offerings or cut off our hand if it does something bad. We no longer are bound to the curses listed in Deuteronomy; but what most people don’t realize is that while the curses were broken the blessings stayed! For us and generations to come! Thats amazing news-in the blessings is healing and health.

Now that we understand WHO we are. We can understand HOW to live a whole life both spiritually and physically. It’s simple really. We need to understand what the Word says, more than what the world says. Cliche as it may be, its the simplified truth.

By His stripes you ARE healed. Healed, in the Greek here means sozo which means complete, saved, perfect, health, prosperity. Ephesians 1:19-20 also tells us that we have the same power that raised Jesus from the dead living in us! When we understand these truths we understand that it is ALWAYS Gods will for us to be whole, lacking of no good thing. This includes our health spiritually and physically. In the natural, the spirit realm can’t be seen or felt; the only way to accurately perceive spiritual truth is through the Bible. Simply take God’s word and believe it!

BUT we have to cooperate with that healing in our spirit and what Jesus did on the cross to have that perfect health manifest into our mind and body. We have to take care of our body and rest and fuel it with HIS food. If not, we will need a miracle. There isn’t anything wrong with needing a miracle but it’s much easier to walk in His blessings and favor on a day to day basis (read all throughout Psalms and Deuteronomy 28 about his favor and blessings) than needing a miracle and living crisis to crisis.

As a future naturopathic doctor and current health and wellness consultant, my goal is to combine the spiritual and the physical so you can live your best life! I believe with you and stand in agreement that you are healed and whole and God says He wants us to live on earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. That means a prosperous life and life in abundance!

MORE TO COME! Next week, we will take a closer look at what it looks like on a daily basis to walk in complete health and how we can combine natural healing with HIS healing.