DIY Honey and Baking Soda Exfoliant

This simple face exfoliant only calls for two common ingredients; honey and baking soda. It is likely that you already have these two things in your pantry. If you don’t they are super easy to find!

I am not one for always being stocked up on the latest beauty products, even the clean organic ones. They can be expensive and tend to just be ingredients that I have on hand anyway! I like to keep my face regimen simple and full of things that I will always have in my kitchen/bathroom (yes I said kitchen! Our skin is our body’s largest organ and its a good idea to keep things that you put on your skin very basic. If you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on your skin?).

Whenever my face feels like it needs a little exfoliating, I will whip this up in a few seconds and feel like I just got a facial (ok maybe not EXACTLY like a facial but pretty darn good for this only costing a few cents).

When you mix the baking soda and honey together, you’ll notice a chemical reaction happening and its actually creating an acid (great for a facial). If you let it set in your hand for a minute or so you will even notice the mixture start to warm up!

DYI Honey and Baking Soda Exfoliant
(Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

First wet your face with warm water (your face should be clean and makeup free), then in the palm of your hand (or in a small container) mix together approximately 1/4-1/2 tsp of honey and 1/4-1/2  tsp of baking soda. Just mix well together until it starts to look slightly foamy. Then rub all over your face avoiding your lips and eyes. Work into your face focusing on your problem areas. You can let sit for a few minutes or rinse off with warm water immediately (I usually wash off immediately because my face turns a little red). Once you are finished rinsing the mixture off your face, slather some coconut oil all of your face. Take a warm washcloth and lay over your face for 15 seconds. After the 15 seconds wipe off the coconut oil with your washcloth! Be sure not to skip the coconut oil part because baking soda can be drying, so you will want to moisturize!