Angelina’s Top 10 Favorite Summer Items

Kasey shared some of her favorite items last week, so I guess it’s my turn to share some my own current favorite items. We’ve got some food items, some snack items and even some personal care items. They are listed in no particular order!


This little bag of flour has become a recent favorite pantry staple of mine! Garbanzo beans or also known as chickpeas are the main ingredient in hummus! So I’ve been making a sweet little hummus sauce just whipping this flour together with a few other ingredients and it is just so perfect. I’ll be sharing that recipe soon! BONUS: Its sprouted! Sprouted = Best (purchased from Thrive Market.)

We don’t use sunscreen very often but when we do we only reach for Badger! I will typically only slather us up in sunscreen when I know we will be out for extended hours and will most likely get a little burn. We don’t use sunscreen for every day outdoor play. Badger is a brand I’ve trusted for years!

We got these gluten and dairy free cookies last week for our movie trip and they were AMAZING! Most of Pamela’s products are amazing. These cookies were crunchy and did not disappoint.

This rosewater has been a game changer in my makeup routine (or lack thereof). I have been using it, with a few drops of glycerin mixed in, for a makeup setting spray. It is helping my natural eyeliner and mascara to stay in place! The makeup has the tendency to run pretty quickly but using this rosewater has changed the game. I LOVE the fresh dewy look and feel it gives. It also just smells amazing. (Kasey wrote a blog post about how to make your own here.)


Tarte. Tarte is amazing. Most of my makeup collection (again, or lack thereof) is made up entirely of Tarte and has been for years. I recently picked up this pretty little Tartiest liquid eyeliner and it is dreeeeeamy! It runs a bit but the rosewater is definitely helping with that. It goes on smooth and buttery! New makeup fav for sure!

We’ve shared nutritional yeast in a few of our recipes and I think this is a current fav for both Kasey and I. Its a tad on the pricy side BUT its non-fortified, which we think is important. Add that yummy cheesy flavor to certain recipes! I’m currently eating some on top of my pasta!

We love Jovial noodles! Brown rice pasta is GREAT transition food for someone trying to take the gluten out of their diet. You really can’t tell the difference between a brown rice noodle and a wheat noodle. Jovial’s tend to be our favorite brand and we are LOVE the caserecce lately.

I just bought these chickpea crumbs from Whole Foods last week and we love them! Im always looking to add a little crunch to certain recipes and these were perfect! I broiled some breakfast potatoes the other day and these mixed in added a great texture! I haven’t tried using them to batter anything yet but I am excited to soon! I accidentally cut off the top but they are from Watusee Foods. 

If you like Larabars and you like mint chip, you will LOVE this bar! It is hands down my FAVORITE larabar and I’m not super fond of all of them (my four year old is HUGE fan of the crunchy ones). I’m not sure if its new or what but I recently found them at Whole Foods and I’ve kept one in my doula bag ever since! Yum!

Now I did put this particular item last because I was hoping you wouldn’t realize that its an open-half-eaten bar of chocolate. I tried to keep this fresh for this blog post but it wasn’t happening. THESE ARE MY FAVORITE CHOCOLATE BARS EVERRRR! They don’t contain any dairy OR SOY (this is huge for chocolate, if you’ve ever looked at the ingredients) and they’re organic! If you are a mint n chip lover, you have to try their mint bar… IT IS LIFE. Trust me. You need it in your life.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed browsing some of my current faves!