About Us

CEO, Founder, Natural Health Consultant
Kasey Thiele

Kasey is a Certified Natural Health Consultant and is currently in school to obtain her Naturopathic Doctorate.  Kasey has over 6 years of acquired research in the natural health field, has worked in the health field for 4 years, and also has a degree in Medical Billing and Coding.

Kasey and her husband have been married for 10 years and they have 2 amazing young boys. As a family, they enjoy trying new restaurants, exploring nature, and browsing antique stores.

In Kasey’s spare time you can find her creating new recipes, shopping, and researching and reviewing the latest scientific health literature.


Social Media Manager, Blog Partner
Angelina Lopez

Angelina is a full time mama and a part time professional photographer, she is also a professionally trained birth doula.

Most of  her days are spent at home in the kitchen and wrangling kids around the house. Her and her husband homeschool their three young children together.

She is a lover of all things natural and is passionate about always striving for health and wellness when it comes to her family.